Ipswich Duo sign with Goodwin Boxing

Goodwin Boxing are delighted to announce the signing of two of Suffolk’s brightest stars in boxing.

28 year old Ish O’Connor and 25 year old Kieren Joseph are both making the transition to professional boxing under the tutelage of Rob Ottley.

Both have been phenomenally successful in the unlicensed scene and are two of the most exciting talents to emerge from the unlicensed scene in a long time.

The unlicensed scene has seen some very successful transitions to the professional ranks notably British Champions Lee Purdy and Nick Blackwell and there is no doubt both Ish and Kieren have the potential to emulate these two exceptional boxers.

Steve Goodwin said “Both of these boxers should make their professional debuts in September. We have to go through the formal process of hearings with the Boxing Board of Control and once they get formal approval its all systems go for September.”