​26-year-old Cruiserweight Courtney Richards is returning to boxing after taking a 3-year sabbatical and has signed a new 3-year contract with Steve Goodwin of Goodwin Boxing.
“I cannot wait to get started again with Steve,” said Courtney. “The first time around I did not have a clue about the boxing business and was boxing on the road without knowing I was actually on the road and what that entailed. I am a good ticket seller so I don’t really understand why I went down that route.”
Richards met with Steve Goodwin mid-2018 and after a long chat decided that Steve would be the man to guide his career. “I had some things outside the ring to sort,” said Courtney. “A year later I am putting pen to paper. I am more mature now, understand the boxing business and have a great manager. Titles are coming my way!”
Richards won 5 and drew 2 from 12 fights with a notable win over Southern Area champion and English title challenger Lawrence Bennett en route. Richards took Stephen Simmons the full six rounds in Scotland winning a round “I believe I really drew that fight but you get no change in Scotland” said Courtney.
Looking to be back in the ring in October/November 2019 subject to board formalities, Richards believes his time is now. “Under the Goodwin Banner watch me go. I will win an area title comfortably and then go on to English and British honours.” Richards will be training under the watchful eyes of Shane Radmore and Marlee Dann.