John Cole

Kent trainer John Cole has over 20 years experience in boxing, taking fighters from amateur through to the professional sport.  His reputation in the sport for attention to details and fighter preparation make him a sought after trainer in the south of England.

John has forged his boxing career through his positive and personable approach to boxers.  He is able to assess the needs and requirements of a fighter and work with them to achieve it.  His dedication to the sport is unrivalled and he has a work ethic to match.  His positivity rubs off on those that work alongside him and it has been noted how his unique approach helps to develop the fighters he trains.

It has been proven that John has the ability to strategise for his fighters, work out an individual gameplan to play to both the strengths of his own charge and the weakness of the opponent.  That bond that John is renowned for making with his boxer is what underpins the trust put into him on fight night to get results, results which are planned meticulously in the hours spent between trainer and fighter in the gym.  

Andy Edge

Having been a boxing trainer since 2007, Andrew Edge is the man who has been behind the rise in boxing triumphs out of the region of Berkshire. Based in Reading, Edge has played a key part in the success of a number of fighters that have made a name for themselves both regionally and nationally. 

He has taken light heavyweight Michael Banbula to both British Masters and southern area title success. He trained heavyweight Michael Sprott as he twice became Prizefighter champion as well as achieving international success as he became runner up in the New Zealand Super 8 tournament. 

Edge replicated his success with Sprott when Patrick 'Tiger' Mendy also achieved Prizefighter success under his tutelage. Edge is currently working with heavy hitting Aji Sharif, a cruiserweight who brings the exciting style Edge has become renowned for over the years. 
Few trainers hold the same reputation as Edge for his ability to build and accentuate the strengths of the boxers that he works with to enhance their careers. 

Rod Julian

Based out of Chingford, Rod Julian is a man who thrives on getting the best out of his fighters.  Having coached the likes of former Southern Area champion and Prizefighter finalist Michael Devine as well as other Area level champions, Julian is a young trainer who works not only on the physical aspects of a fighters game but also is renowned within the sport for being able to fine tune the mental side of a boxer.

Inside RJ’s Gym, Rod works diligently with his stable of ten professional fighters.  He has taken on fighters at varying levels within the sport, including the handling of Ben Day winning the Southern Area super lightweight title in his first fight under Julian’s guidance.  The performance of Day showed that Julian is able to take the natural characteristics of a fighter and accentuate the positives while not losing the individual’s natural style.

All of the boxers that emerge from Julian’s gym show a mental fortitude, carry themselves with the confidence that is engrained from the unique style used to breed self-assurance.  Each boxer he works with talks openly about the difference Rod has made as he forges a bond with the fighter that is rare within the sport.  Coupled with a physical training regime that sees all fighters under Rod Julian’s guidance approach fight night in pristine condition the stable of emerging and established talents promises to continue the success of Rod as a trainer.

Steve Kipps

With over 35 years in the sport of boxing, Steve Kipps is a trainer with plenty to offer.  Based out of Chingford in London, Kipps is the ideal mix of fighter experience and coaching ability. Having spent seven years boxing at the Crown and Manor Boxing Club in Hackney, a wrist injury brought a premature close to his in ring career which meant prompted Kipps’ move into boxing coaching.

Alongside his father, Steve was part of the training team that brought world title success for Jason Matthews.  It started with success in the ABAs and in 1999 the team brought back the WBO middleweight title.  Steve was also the trainer for Ian Napa who achieved success at both Southern Area and British title level.  Steve is now working with hard hitting Hackney based super bantamweight Matthew Chanda as he works his way towards a Southern Area title shot in early 2016. 

Steve is renowned for working a boxer’s mindset.  He is keen to build the relationship with the individual and his astute man management allows the bond between fighter and trainer to develop.  As he says himself, “there is no magic formula” but through hard work, attention to detail and the ability to build tight relationships with his fighters, Steve’s results have proven successful time and again.
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Terry Coulter

Terry has been a trainer for many years training many British Champions, Terry currently trains out of the Ringside Gym in Bow