Goodwin Boxing Expansion

Goodwin Boxing are delighted to announce we are expanding our in-house team by appointing a new Operations Manager, Alan Budgen.  Having been a part of the backroom team for a number of years, as well as a Promoter in his own right, Alan has been a key part of the team that has lead to the growth of the organisation and in turn, the need for more operational strength. 

“Alan has learned the sport and more importantly, the way Goodwin Boxing works, over his years around the business” said Head of Goodwin Boxing, Steve Goodwin.  “This is a key part of our expansion plans.  Covid hit us hard, but we have come back harder.  We have kept our stable of fantastic fighters and returned to put on brilliant shows in difficult circumstances, but we have realised that to grow in 2022 we need to add operation resilience to the team, and Alan Budgen is important to us achieving that.” 

Alan will be a key part of the machinations which make Goodwin Boxing successful, the work which happens away from the bright lights of fight nights.  Event planning, boxers medicals, Board liaison and boxer communications will now flow through the day-to-day work of Budgen.  “It’s an honour to take on the role.  For years I have been around the family and the business and I am proud to be a part of the ongoing success and growth.  Taking on this role gives Goodwin Boxing the ability to expand even further, and I cannot wait to be a central part.” 

Alan’s appointment has allowed further changes within the established team who have driven the success of Goodwin Boxing over more than ten years.  While Steve Goodwin remains Head of Goodwin Boxing, Josh Goodwin moves into a new position of Executive Officer, while Kevin Campion takes on a more strategic role as Operations Director and will oversee the transition of Alan Budgen’s appointment. 

“It is an honour to welcome Alan into the team and help him settle in” stated Campion, upon his promotion.  “For years we have established Goodwin Boxing as a household name in the sport.  Now we are able to bring new blood into the organisation.  Alan will take on the more tactical duties and roles I have been hands-on for over the past decade.  In my new role as Operations Director I will be able to support Alan, while taking a more strategic role in the business and plan our continued growth now boxing has fully returned and we create more memorable events.”
The growth of Goodwin Boxing is aligned to the longer term plans of building the brand in a booming boxing period.  With further appointments planned in 2022 and shows already booked through to the new year, Alan’s appointment strengthens Goodwin Boxing’s position as one of the leading Promotional and Management brands in UK boxing.