Goodwin Boxing launch BoxMania

Goodwin Boxing are making sure that in 2022 they continue to deliver for their fighters as well as those that matter most; the fans.  With a stable of both established title fighters and promising prospects, it is exciting to announce two new programmes of events; GB Fight Series and BoxMania.

For years Goodwin Boxing have put on exciting shows, setting ourselves apart from other small hall Promoters with events packed with talent and exciting fights.  Now we are taking steps to create two new models that help fighters plot their way to big titles and ensure every fight night is one to remember.

“It is important to note” says Head of Goodwin Boxing, Steve Goodwin, “this isn’t about separating the stable of boxers we have, but it is about building towards super shows.  We have always been about creating opportunities for boxers, pathways to titles and value for money for the fans.  By making these two different products, it creates an even bigger excitement around those biggest nights; BoxMania.  In time, we want all our fighters to get a chance to be on them and build towards headlining them.”

GB Fight Series will provide opportunities for prospects to build their careers on shows that feature fantastic main event fights.  With such a strong stable of boxers, Goodwin Boxing will be able to provide opportunities from debut as boxers build towards titles, proving fantastic undercards for big fights.  The series kicks off on March 5th, headlined by an English title eliminator at light welterweight between Sajid Abid (10-1-0) against Tom Ansell (9-1-0) with a mixture of debutants and prospects supporting on the night.

The BoxMania series is going to be the most special of nights for boxing fans, as Goodwin Boxing bring together title fights, eliminators and truly meaningful bouts. 

Already BoxMania 1 is lining up to be memorable for those able to get a ticket. William Webber (8-1-0) takes on Chris Davies (15-0-0) for the Southern Area Super Middleweight title.  Mark Little battles former champion Daniel Mendes for the Southern Area Cruiserweight belt.  In an English title eliminator, undefeated middleweight Lewis Syrett (9-1-0) faces off against Charlie Shane (9-0-0). 

But it doesn’t stop with title fights and eliminators – Goodwin Boxing understand that a well-matched fight alone can create fireworks, so the night has even more! Adrian Martin (11-2-0) faces Dalton Miller (9-10-3), with both men coming off of defeats to Lewis Syrett for the Southern Area title and both needing a win to get back into the belt hunt.  At Super Bantamweight, English title challenger Ramez Mahmood (11-2-0) returns to take on undefeated Marcus Hodgson (3-0-2) in a huge step up for Hodgson, but a massive risk for Mahmood as he too looks to get into title contention once again. At cruiserweight, a man with a single fight in Ross McGuigan will take an extraordinary leap as he takes on former Southern Area challenge Ossie Jervier (6-18-0) as well as a full undercard!

Says Steve Goodwin: “This is a concept we have toyed with for many years, bringing together small hall super cards.  Financially it’s madness, we know that.  To put that many top fights and evenly matched bouts on a single card doesn’t make sense, but we want to provide nights that fans remember and shows that are aspirational for boxers to be a part of.  I think the first show encapsulates that, and this is just the start.”

This is merely a taste of what is to come in the BoxMania series, as Goodwin Boxing build a stronger stable of boxers up through their GB Fights series.  With so many talents on hand, every show promises to be filled with excitement, upsets and memorable, meaningful fights.  Get your tickets now!