Goodwin Boxing partner with Get Set Go Sport - Educational Boxing Academies

Goodwin Boxing are delighted to announce a new partnership with Get Set Go Sport, which will enable a clear pathway for excelling students to progress from academy systems into professional boxing.

Get Set Go Sport have created Educational boxing academies through multiple colleges in London, where they provide opportunities for 16 to 18 year-olds to partake in learning the skills of boxing alongside vocational qualifications to allow them to progress within the sport.

Head of Goodwin Boxing, Steve Goodwin, spoke enthusiastically of the benefits the pairing creates.

“We see this as a great step for ourselves, Get Set Go Sport and most importantly, the students coming through the system.  These young men and ladies are dedicating their life from an early age to being involved in the sport we all love, and we couldn’t be happier that we are able to provide a pathway for them to be able to take their learning and apply it within the professional sport.  This isn’t just about being able to bring through new fighters, it is also giving people the opportunity to benefit from our network of contacts and be able to assist them find their right place within the sport, all while we apply the same values, morals and ethics that have made us so successful within boxing.”

Goodwin Boxing have prided themselves over the years in making strong bonds with numerous professional boxing gyms, trainers and coaches, which have lead to opportunities to sign new talents and help them progress their professional careers through to numerous title holders at all levels.  As Steve Goodwin explains, he sees this as an extension to these relationships.

“We’re a family-first organisation, making sure that things are done right in the sport of boxing.  We just want to offer these students the opportunity to learn the sport the right way, with the right people.  We already know that Jennifer and Richard at Get Set Go Sports share those same values as us, and that is why it was the right partnership to make.  We can’t wait to open our doors and our contact books to give people an opportunity to make the right first steps in professional boxing.”