Teak tough journeyman Eddie Bjorkland has taken the decision to renew his management agreement with Steve Goodwin and Goodwin Boxing.

Whilst Goodwin is known for guiding boxers to title success (36 champions in just 6 years of management) he has also made a name for himself looking after road warriors of which Eddie was one of the first to sign.

Goodwin looks after 10 on the road fighters and says “My job is to make as much money as I can for these guys whilst protecting them and keeping them safe.

“31 fights and never been stopped,” said Eddie. “I trust Steve to match me and keep me safe and he has done an excellent job. I will be seeing out the remainder of my career with him.”

“Eddie is one tough man and a real pleasure to help and guide,” said Steve “I am delighted to be able to look after him for the rest of his career.”

With fighters like Eddie, Heavyweight Phil Williams, Jamie Speight, Ossie Jervier and many more on the road fighters, the Goodwin team is fast establishing itself as a team who look after boxers impeccably whatever their role is in the sport.